Eddie and the Cruisers

10665192_298915830291877_1799620866543034224_nIf there is any movie about genius and how hard is to live with it – this movie is Eddie and the Cruisers. I remember when I first saw it and it made me really sad. Why? Because every young person at some point of life feels like doing everything you can is not enough. And this Eddie’s message, that you have to be the best at something or there is no sense in doind that, is written in my heart forever. not to mention wonderful soundtrack. I think this movie deserves to be cult, just as it is. I watched part 2 and it was kinda cool, but I think it’s better for Eddie just to be left alone. When we don’t know what actally happened with him it’s much better.

Tom Cody…pleased to meet you

bscap0352What can I say? This is my first DVD movie. I watched it with my mouth opened. I don’t think that ‚Streets of Fire’ is a good movie. But it is charming and really cool. I mean the music, characters and the story – it’s all like from a fairy tale, but a rock ‚n’ roll fairy tale. The princess captured, the hero troubled, the beast cruel. I really love the music, because even though the movie premiere was 30 years ago, the music is still enchanting. And Michael Pare as Tom Cody is like a superhero, a comic book character. This is a movie that never bores me, I can never get tired of it. It’s such a shame it wasn’t a trilogy as planned. I know there was a sequel in 2008 called ‚Road to hell’, but please…I mean – really.

Moon 44 – my #1


And the time has come for ‚Moon 44′ – my favurite movie with Michael Pare. I have no idea why isn’t it mor eknown. It has everything – good story, great characters, wonderful music and atmoshere that many s-f movies don’t. While watching it yoy can feel really trapped in space, it is so claustrophobic. I thnkthis movie is a must see for every s-f fan out here. Although it is a really mainly movie. What I mean – main characters are men. There is one officer called Morgan who is a lady, but she may as well be cut out of the script. And on one side it is good – there is no annyoing romance in the background, because it wouldn’t fit the story. Plus, also Felix Stone is my favourite character played by Michael Pare. I too smoke a lot. But I don’t do it so gracefully.

World Gone Wild

World-Gone-Wild-copy5 (Large)I like Mad Max. I really do. But for 25 years of my life I’ve never heard about ‚World Gone Wild’. And frankly, I really don’t know why. It is such a cool movie.  Sure, you have to remember about Mad Max while watching it, because it is difficult not to compare these two movies. But in this battle ‚World Gone Wild’ is not loosing spectacularly. The movie is about humanity in 2087 (as I recall). The main heroine is Angie, naive and shy girl who doesn’t know anythng about the world – she is working as a teacher and she is teaching in an old bus. The society she lives in treasures water. It is rare, it is expensive and it is worth to kill for. After her little sociaty gets attacked by Adam Ant and his believers, she travels to the city with Ethan, local weirdo and former thief. In the city they meet George, Ethan’s old friend, amazingly looking alike Michael Pare. And together they fight with Adam Ant.

I know it sounds a little bit crazy, but that is the best description of this movie I can give. And about the movie – it was cool. Characters are well written. Pare’s George is witty, handsome and brave – he brings a lot of black humor into this movie. It is a shame ‚World Gone Wild’ wasn’t released on DVD yet. But I am waiting.

I watched Bad Moon and…

k (8)Well, actually, I was really surprised. Judging from other titles in Michael’s career from 1993 – 1996 it could be as well really bad movie. But it wasn’t. I even think it’s kinda sad. I was really sorry for Uncle Ted. And no, not only because he was handsome. The movie is about a family and a dog. Or maybe even more about dog and a family. The Dog’s name is Thor – and he is a really smart german shepard. Only Thor knows that there’s something wrong with Uncle Ted. And there is somethng seriously wrong, because Uncle Ted is a Warewolf. Smart and getting meaner and meaner everyday. Plus, the movie is really gore sometimes.

And why was I sorry for Ted? Well. His girlfriend got killed by a Warewolf, he got bitten by one. He transformed to a monster, his sister was scared of him, he killed a lot of people in a spectacular way and well…he got killed by a german shepard. That is quite a lot for a one human being. Oh…wait.

This page is now officially online

be4918bdb7bba3fb9ffbba744ffb80a2I created pretty large gallery, you can read about Michael Pare, you can see which movies with him you haven’t seen yet. Anyway, I will be adding more stuff with time. There is Official Page online, so i’m not even going to compete with it. I am running this one for myself and for other fans. Some of Michael’s movies are amongst my favourites – like „Eddie”, „Streets of Fire” and „Moon 44″. I wish he would play main roles in better movies than nowadays. But what can we do? I think he was an actor with charisma who should live in the 50′ and play gangsters or other dangerous fellas. But enough from me, I just wanted to say hello. So – HELLO.

If you have something to add – feel free to write, comment and criticise. Also, I have to add that my english may be a little cheesy sometimes. That is because I’m not native speaker. So for this – I apologize.


Here we go

I have a thing for forgotten actors. Don’t blame me. And I remember one of first movies my mom bought me on DVD was ‚Streets of fire’. With one and only – Michael Pare. From that moment this actor became one of my favourites. This page is dedicated to him.