Tom Cody…pleased to meet you

bscap0352What can I say? This is my first DVD movie. I watched it with my mouth opened. I don’t think that ‚Streets of Fire’ is a good movie. But it is charming and really cool. I mean the music, characters and the story – it’s all like from a fairy tale, but a rock ‚n’ roll fairy tale. The princess captured, the hero troubled, the beast cruel. I really love the music, because even though the movie premiere was 30 years ago, the music is still enchanting. And Michael Pare as Tom Cody is like a superhero, a comic book character. This is a movie that never bores me, I can never get tired of it. It’s such a shame it wasn’t a trilogy as planned. I know there was a sequel in 2008 called ‚Road to hell’, but please…I mean – really.

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