World Gone Wild

World-Gone-Wild-copy5 (Large)I like Mad Max. I really do. But for 25 years of my life I’ve never heard about ‚World Gone Wild’. And frankly, I really don’t know why. It is such a cool movie.  Sure, you have to remember about Mad Max while watching it, because it is difficult not to compare these two movies. But in this battle ‚World Gone Wild’ is not loosing spectacularly. The movie is about humanity in 2087 (as I recall). The main heroine is Angie, naive and shy girl who doesn’t know anythng about the world – she is working as a teacher and she is teaching in an old bus. The society she lives in treasures water. It is rare, it is expensive and it is worth to kill for. After her little sociaty gets attacked by Adam Ant and his believers, she travels to the city with Ethan, local weirdo and former thief. In the city they meet George, Ethan’s old friend, amazingly looking alike Michael Pare. And together they fight with Adam Ant.

I know it sounds a little bit crazy, but that is the best description of this movie I can give. And about the movie – it was cool. Characters are well written. Pare’s George is witty, handsome and brave – he brings a lot of black humor into this movie. It is a shame ‚World Gone Wild’ wasn’t released on DVD yet. But I am waiting.

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