Moon 44 – my #1


And the time has come for ‚Moon 44′ – my favurite movie with Michael Pare. I have no idea why isn’t it mor eknown. It has everything – good story, great characters, wonderful music and atmoshere that many s-f movies don’t. While watching it yoy can feel really trapped in space, it is so claustrophobic. I thnkthis movie is a must see for every s-f fan out here. Although it is a really mainly movie. What I mean – main characters are men. There is one officer called Morgan who is a lady, but she may as well be cut out of the script. And on one side it is good – there is no annyoing romance in the background, because it wouldn’t fit the story. Plus, also Felix Stone is my favourite character played by Michael Pare. I too smoke a lot. But I don’t do it so gracefully.

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