I watched Bad Moon and…

k (8)Well, actually, I was really surprised. Judging from other titles in Michael’s career from 1993 – 1996 it could be as well really bad movie. But it wasn’t. I even think it’s kinda sad. I was really sorry for Uncle Ted. And no, not only because he was handsome. The movie is about a family and a dog. Or maybe even more about dog and a family. The Dog’s name is Thor – and he is a really smart german shepard. Only Thor knows that there’s something wrong with Uncle Ted. And there is somethng seriously wrong, because Uncle Ted is a Warewolf. Smart and getting meaner and meaner everyday. Plus, the movie is really gore sometimes.

And why was I sorry for Ted? Well. His girlfriend got killed by a Warewolf, he got bitten by one. He transformed to a monster, his sister was scared of him, he killed a lot of people in a spectacular way and well…he got killed by a german shepard. That is quite a lot for a one human being. Oh…wait.

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