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be4918bdb7bba3fb9ffbba744ffb80a2I created pretty large gallery, you can read about Michael Pare, you can see which movies with him you haven’t seen yet. Anyway, I will be adding more stuff with time. There is Official Page online, so i’m not even going to compete with it. I am running this one for myself and for other fans. Some of Michael’s movies are amongst my favourites – like „Eddie”, „Streets of Fire” and „Moon 44″. I wish he would play main roles in better movies than nowadays. But what can we do? I think he was an actor with charisma who should live in the 50′ and play gangsters or other dangerous fellas. But enough from me, I just wanted to say hello. So – HELLO.

If you have something to add – feel free to write, comment and criticise. Also, I have to add that my english may be a little cheesy sometimes. That is because I’m not native speaker. So for this – I apologize.


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